How It Works

The care you need

At Express Med, our team of physicians is available on a walk-in basis, to care for your routine injuries and illnesses. We have the capability to perform x-rays, run lab tests, and dispense prescriptions. You name it, we’ve probably seen it. Our providers are fully qualified to treat everything from scrapes and bruises to allergic reactions and bronchitis. If you are experiencing a non-life-threatening situation, we can give you the care you need, without the wait of the emergency room

On your time

Illnesses and injuries don’t always happen during regular business hours, and emergency rooms are notorious for their long waiting times and high costs. Express Med is an urgent care facility with the aim of providing a high level of care without making you wait. Your time is better spent caring for yourself or a family member, not sitting in a waiting room. If you need immediate care and don’t have the time to make an appointment, we always welcome walk-ins.

At a reasonable price

We accept most major insurance carriers, so the cost of coming to Express Med is most likely much less than your emergency room co-pay. If you don’t have insurance, not a problem. We treat all patients who need care at our office, and the cost of care at Express Med is a fraction of what it would cost for an emergency room visit.

In partnership with your primary care physician

If you would like us to, Express Med wants to work in partnership with your primary care physician to provide exceptional care when you need it. Our office will send copies of your medical record to your primary care physician, if you wish, to ensure he or she is aware of the care you received at our office. Also, when you leave Express Med, your receipt will have the treatment that you received from us for you to share with any other healthcare professional. We are not here to replace the services provided by your primary care physician. We are here as a partner in care.