Don’t Put off Getting Your Child’s Back-to-School or Sports Physical

Now is the time to schedule that physical! Schools in the Philadelphia area have various rules on physical requirements for students, so be sure to get all the specific information you need from your child’s school district or administration office.

Your child may need a physical if he or she is entering a certain grade, switching schools, or plans to play a sport during the next school year. Sports physicals can probably wait if your child’s sport is in the winter or spring, but be sure to mark your calendars. The first day of tryouts or practice can sneak up, and your child doesn’t want to miss out because they don’t have the required paperwork!

Yearly physicals for children and young adults in school are also a great tool for parents to see if their children are growing normally, if they start to develop special dietary needs, or if they acquire new allergies. One of the best ways to stay healthy is through proactive and preventative measures.

At ExpressMed, we perform back-to-school, sports, and camp physicals (keep that in mind for next spring), so feel free to walk into our office on Town Center Road at a time that’s convenient for you and your child, and we’ll help check this task off your to-do list.